Inner Light Photographic Society

“The essence of our beginnings has informed our most current work.”

The Inner Light Photographic Society was founded in 1986 by Master Photographer Shedrich Williames. We started using classic film cameras, printing on black and white fiber base paper in trays of darkroom chemistry. The essence of our beginnings has informed our most current work.

Many of the group’s 20+ members continue expressing their vision using film. Some have crossed the bridge from analogue to digital and back again. Some have re-examined old contact sheets, taking a fresh look through their archives and finding exciting work never before shown. One group member is developing exposed rolls of film that were stored in the refrigerator for decades.

Whatever the media or camera format, Inner Lighters love the fine art of photography. Thirty-five years later, our group continues to be a vital and creative resource to its members. Until March 2020, we gathered to informally discuss works in progress and share a meal at our monthly meeting. Our current exhibition “Resonance” is on display June 25th – September 21st, 2023 at the Corridor Gallery in the Esther Short Building located at 610 Esther Street, Vancouver, WA 98660.