Christine Eagon

Founding Member – Inner Light Photographic Society

Artist Statement:

When I was 28, I experienced the quintessential artist’s dream job: working alone on a 120 foot fire lookout tower on Johnny George Mountain in eastern Washington. My duties included watching for the inevitable fires caused by lightning strikes onto a tinder dry forest. That unique experience deepened my spirituality that is the essence of my artworks. My view was a hundred miles in all directions and I tuned into the forces of nature above a grand and expansive landscape. While watching the forest and sky, I was also practicing meditation, or writing, or making art. An artist-observer, I enjoyed the moments fully along with spectacular changes in light, cloud formations and weather. On the lookout I got in touch with the elements of nature that continue to influence my artist’s vision and life’s creative work. It is from that vantage point, my inner mountain top, I create enigmatic landscapes in photography and luminous otherworldly paintings.  

Artist Biography:

Christine Eagon is a visual artist who is a second generation Oregonian. Born in Hillsboro, Oregon, she studied art and photography at Portland State University, Oregon College of Art and Craft and graphic design at Clark College. Her  photographs and paintings are held in permanent collections including the Broad Museum of Art at Michigan State University, Oregon State University and in numerous private art collections in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. Christine volunteers as Leader of Inner Light Photographic Society, founded 1986 in Portland, OR. Christine resides in Astoria, OR.