Cheryle Easter

Visual Biographer 

Member – Inner Light Photographic Society

Artist Statement:  

Photography is a lifelong passion no matter what job I’ve done for survival. Primarily after working at a newspaper for a number of years, I fell into documentary work, people being at the center.  

Not holding true to only one topic I confess to loving all aspects of photography. From grainy plus X film, medium format, plastic cams, pinhole, polaroid SX-70 time zero film to the iPhone  and all the fun filters. Which has expanded the horizons for all people to be photographers.  

Be fearless and ENJOY!  

Artist Biography:  

Co-founder, director of photography for runchica, Cheryle is a die-hard visual biographer who  never leaves home without a camera. Before jumping headlong into video, she honed her  disciplined eye as a documentary photographer, paying dues as a staff photographer at a daily  newspaper in Eureka, CA and as a stringer for AP. People never cease to amaze and amuse her  and provide the inspiration for her life/work. Easter currently resides in rural Southwest  Washington on the family Tree Farm doing freelance photography and video editing projects.