Scott Weston

Founding Member – Inner Light Photographic Society

Artist Statement

Not so long ago a photograph was proof of reality. Now nothing can be taken for granted as real. I am sad about this. My photographs are selective but they are real images, accurate to the light and color that say; “Here it is, the way it was; what I saw.”

– Scott Weston

Artist Biography

I have been photographing seriously for sixty years. I got started when my brother left for college and gave me the ten minute show of his darkroom. I knew from my Jr. year in high school that I wanted to be an art teacher. I freelanced in photography through college and got a job teaching full time photography for the Vancouver School Dist. and never looked back. I taught at colleges, universities, workshops, and was the only vocationally certified program in Vancouver. I continued freelancing all those years, had my own studio, owned a gallery, was president in the 80’s of the Portland Photographers Forum. 

I have had over 50 one person shows, over 150 group shows and one of the first members of Inner Light. I have judged dozens of photography competitions from local to international. I am known for my portrait, dancers, nudes, studio, and travel photography.  I have traveled to over 120 countries.