Toni Wise

Toni Wise

MemberInner Light Photographic Society

Artist Statement:

Almost 55 years have passed since my modest-living parents gave me my first Kodak Instamatic camera. I remember its boxy compactness and lightness in my hands. I immediately saw myself as an artist, even though I couldn’t have told you the names of any famous photographers. Suddenly, I possessed a tool for seeing and recording my world. Quickly, my father realized he should have considered the adjacent costs of handing a camera to a 9-year-old whose shooting rampages resulted in processing expenditures he had not anticipated. And my art did not always align with his Hoosier pragmatism; I remember having to patiently defend a particularly esoteric “Snow on Lawn Furniture” series. Throughout my life, a camera has always been within arm’s reach, and that perfect shot has always been around the next corner, flashing past my periphery, or deliciously landing smack in the middle of my frame at the moment I look up.

Artist Biography:

Toni Wise feels lucky to have incorporated photography in her work as a marketing and communications professional over the last 25 years. She was born in Indianapolis, Indiana within walking distance of the Indy 500 track, and attended Indiana University. She has lived in Vancouver, Washington, for most of her life. An avid paddler, she spends a lot of time viewing and photographing the world from her kayak. Other special moments are spent with her two grandchildren, and her dog, Ruthie Bader Ginsburg.