Atsuko Kurogi

Member – Inner Light Photographic Society

Artist Statement

I feel bashful to write an artist statement because I have no formal education of photography.  However, if you could extend the definition of artist to those who believe potential to express X in their soul, I would believe that every single human being is an artist.  

I’m interested in reflection, which is dancing with light and life.  My intuition is drawn to layer and curve.   We are consisted of many layers, which create complexity, depth and enigma.  In my subconscious level, curve resonates gentleness and grace.  At the same time, curve might be resonating to my soul as a universal symbol “circle” with extensive meaning (e.g. eternity) in my unconscious level.

I would like to keep “joyful curiosity” for life, and take photography in the nature.  It always teaches me that there are many of our questions with no answer.  All we could do is to try to capture the moment of life.

Artist Biography 

I bought a black and white photograph (triptych; ocean, tree and cloud) for my own birthday gift.  It has been with me over for 30 years.  In 2014, I met a black and white photographer Peter Karnig.  He inspired my hidden desire to express something deep within me.  I’m grateful to be a member of the Inner Light group and learn photography as well as life from the wonderful members.  I also appreciate the opportunity to attend the Blue Sky First Sunday monthly meeting.

I was born in Nobeoka, Japan.  I have been living in the United State since I came to Portland as a student in 1987.  My vocation is to teach a language at college.  I love to reside in two worlds; in the language world and beyond the language world, ART.