Claudia J. Howell

Founding Member – Inner Light Photographic Society

Artist Statement:

I’ve been looking at, playing on, yearning after and living with horses ever since my mother took me out of grade school early Wednesday afternoons for riding lessons. At various times they have represented freedom, fun, adventure, thrill, beauty, challenge, comfort, and power. It’s only natural that my art incorporate what has been so vital a part of my life.

The key element of my photography, actually all photography, is anticipation – waiting for the “decisive moment” to squeeze the shutter.

In the course of my photography career I’ve used all manner of cameras, film and digital as the situation required. Sometimes a photo cries out to be shot with a toy camera to give it added atmosphere. Other times, the crisp precision of low speed film is the answer. In another instance, the picture is now and the iPhone is your only camera. So digital it is. 

Artist Biography:

Making snapshots on a hitchhiking trip to Europe started me down the road to a career in photojournalism. I fell in love with photography, changed my college major, and eventually got a job as a newspaper photographer. 

Working at the Oregonian for 30+ years provided ample opportunity to photograph under all sorts of circumstances, lighting conditions and subject matter. It also gave me a sabbatical to attend Pacific Northwest College of Art, thus widening the scope of my visual vocabulary.

This led to a number of photographic series – Mr and Mrs Hat, Forest Fragments, Gutter Galaxies – to name a few. 

After retiring from the newspaper, my subject is now primarily horses and their people. Not an odd choice given my post-newspaper job as a polo instructor, and my lifelong history with horses.