Cara Cottingham

Member – Inner Light Photographic Society

Artist Statement

My intention is to transmit emotional energy through a photograph. I prompt the viewer to become a collaborator by tapping into the captured moment, recognizing the essence and emotion for a deeper understanding of the human condition.

Artist Biography

Born in 1983, Cara was inducted as “first baby/toddler” of the Inner Light Photographic Society of Portland in 1986. Cara developed her first photogram in the darkroom at 8, and won an award for her pinhole photography by 1993. She entered the school darkroom in 1998 and stayed there until 2005, when digital photography was at a 4 megapixel standard. By 2009, Cara began working for the Vancouver Voice Newspaper as a staff photographer and subsequently became the photo editor at the Vancouver Vector. All digital, she started overshooting. By 2011 she was completely saturated in media with no possibility of slowing down to organize it. The pile grew and grew: Protests, weddings, senior pictures, selfies, panoramas, birds, concerts, fashion shows and more. She currently has 100,000 digital photos in her lightroom catalog and is working on creating a system to organize and publish her best works. Her current interests are rabbit portraiture and publishing a retrospective portfolio of her creative works.