Lorraine Richey

Member – Inner Light Photographic Society

Art Not Dictated by Physical Sight
(What you see isn’t what you’re going to get…)

The photographs here are created with the realization that Macular Degeneration will be a part of my art life forever…therefore the viewer will see more abstracts as time goes by and details slowly begin to get lost in shadows, light and frustration. This change forces one to go down a different and new creative path (though I have made many abstracts before) and make art that shows what is newly seen instead of what is lost.

I grudgingly live with that. This effect will be incorporated in images photographed in cities and in the countryside, in human creations and natural happenings.

The images here are colorful and lean towards my love of science fiction and the beautiful/ugly I find in the world. I also get many ideas from the science fiction books I read and enjoy very much.

Please stay safe and healthy…Art needs us all.